VoIP Phone Systems - an easy guide

Explore the advantages of a modern phone system with this guide

VoIP vs. Analogue

If you’ve been in business for awhile, you’ve probably worked with phone systems before. At a minimum, you will have used an analogue cordless setup.

Modern VoIP phone systems have several advantage over older phone systems.

  • Scalability: Modern phone systems can scale from a small business to a large one easily, making them perfect for growing enterprises.
  • Flexibility: Older phone systems are frequently limited to deskphones and cordless, and locked down to a single office. Modern phone systems support multiple offices as well as remote workers. They also support software phones (e.g. a phone system on your laptop or mobile) in addition to physical hardware.
  • Reliability: Modern VoIP solutions are fully cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. This gives you more options to keep your business running in the event of power cuts or other unforeseen problems.
Access4 - Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency
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Unparallelled Speed and Efficiency

Access4 is a leading SaaS business, committed to empowering IT providers with the ability to provide world-leading Unified Communications solutions.

Through Access4, we offer “carrier-grade” services, designed to provide maximum reliability and built on industry-standard technologies.

Microsoft Teams

Teams Calling

Full unified communications solution that combines file sharing, audio and video calling, chat and more into a single interface

Cisco Webex logo

Webex Calling

A cloud-based calling service that integrates with the world-leading Webex colloboration tools from Cisco – Webex Meetings and Webex Teams – to provide a complete unified communications solution.

hosted Voice

Cloud-based, highly reliable telephony systems that provide businesses with all the features they need to make and receive calls, including voicemail, call forwarding, and auto attendants.

Contact Center

Cloud-based contact center solutions that provide businesses with the tools they need to manage their customer interactions, including call routing, queuing, and reporting.

3CX Bronze Partner

3CX Phone System

If you don’t feel that Access4 suits your needs, we offer other VoIP solutions to suit your requirements.

3CX is a world-leading VoIP phone system, used by over 300,000 businesses worldwide.

JV Systems are an Authorized 3CX Partner with Advanced-level certified Technicians.

Our Solutions

JV Systems offer cloud phone solutions powered by Access4 – one of the fastest-growing and most versatile VoIP and unified communications providers in Australasia.

This gives us a range of solution options, with pricing to suit any requirement.

  • Webex cloud phone solutions are well-suited to small businesses, or those wanting to access advanced colloboration features.
  • Teams integeration allows us to build on the back of the world-leading communications solution from Microsoft.
  • UC Xpress provides options well-suited to large businesses and motels, with a simultaneous call- based pricing model. 


Our voice offerings start from just $30/month with unlimited calling within New Zealand and Australia.
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