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JV Systems provide a range of quality phone system solutions to fit your business needs.

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It’s an unavoidable fact of business – nothing beats picking up the phone. But in this age of a smartphone in every palm, is there still a place for the phone system? Absolutely, but maybe not as you know it.

Cloud phone systems – also known as ‘unified communications’ systems – offer massive advantages to businesses of every shape and size. From old-school deskphones to tabletop conferencing phones, phone apps that sit on your computer or mobile to full-blown video call and office collaboration tools – UC solutions are the future of business communications.

Unlike an old-fashioned PABX system, UC is not confined to a single office or even a single country. All you require is an Internet connection. And the best part? Wherever you choose to work – you have your regular office phone number.

Our tailored solutions include (but aren’t limited to) the following features:

  • Digital receptionists
  • Ring groups and call queues
  • Call recording
  • Quick dial keys
  • Unlimited calls within New Zealand and Australia (including mobiles)
Access4 - Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency
Access4 logo

Unparallelled Speed and Efficiency

Access4 is a leading SaaS business, committed to empowering IT providers with the ability to provide world-leading Unified Communications solutions.

Through Access4, we offer “carrier-grade” services, designed to provide maximum reliability and built on industry-standard technologies.

Microsoft Teams

Teams Calling

Full unified communications solution, integrated from end-to-end with Microsoft Teams, combining file sharing, audio and video calling, chat and more into a single interface

Cisco Webex logo

JV Connect - Your Business Phone System

A cloud-based calling service that integrates with the world-leading Webex colloboration tools from Cisco – Webex Meetings and Webex Teams – to provide a complete unified communications solution.

hosted Voice With JV Connect Xpress

Cloud-based, highly reliable telephony systems that provide businesses with all the features they need to make and receive calls, including voicemail, call forwarding, and auto attendants.

Carrier-grade calling with simple, simultaneous call-based pricing.

Contact Center

Cloud-based contact center solutions that provide businesses with the tools they need to manage their customer interactions, including call routing, queuing, and reporting.

3CX Bronze Partner

3CX Phone System

If you don’t feel that Access4 suits your needs, we offer other VoIP solutions to suit your requirements.

3CX is a world-leading VoIP phone system, used by over 300,000 businesses worldwide.

JV Systems are an Authorized 3CX Partner with Advanced-level certified Technicians.

JV Connect - Hassle-Free Cloud Phone

We have carefully selected Access4 as our main solution for telecommunications, UC and voice.

Access4 is one of the fastest growing UC platforms in New Zealand, offering cost-effective and flexible voice and UC capability with a wide range of pricing and service options.

We utilise Yealink deskphones and headsets as our hardware of choice.

Ready To Learn More?

Want to explore our phone line and UC offerings further? We can provide brochures and information, as well as full demos of our UC solutions.

Yealink Deskphone

Futureproof your phones

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