Custom Database Development

Struggle finding a software application that fits your unique business requirements? JV Systems can help.

Can't Find Software that suits your requirements?

Need a unique piece of software to support your business? Drowning beneath the paperwork? Or do you have complex reporting requirements regular software just can’t meet?

Since 2000, JV Systems have been developing custom software solutions to meet the unique and varied requirements of our customers.

From a custom, multi-currency quoting tool for a multi-national corporation to a wrap-around CRM for a local social services organization – we’ve done it all.

We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke application to suit your unique requirements.

JV Systems - Software Experts

Our team of developers have over 30 years experience in the field, with our senior team having experience in over 10 unique programming languages.

For our current projects, we have a focus on .NET, web app and SQL database development. We have been developing software for .NET in a variety of supported languages since the release of the Framework.

We have developed a wide range of software for businesses of all sizes:

  • Multi-currency quoting tool for a large international company
  • Outage tracking and industrial data monitoring application for a large NZ power company
  • Tribal register application for a large iwi organization, covering both individual registrations and grant applications
  • CRM and ERP tools for various small businesses (including several in-house tools)

No matter your requirements, we can provide a database to fit your needs.

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