Why IT Matters: Wi-Fi 6

Learn about the newest Wi-Fi standards, and why having a good wireless solution is crucial for your business.

Why should you care what wi-fi you use?

After all, what difference does the version of Wi-Fi make? It’s still only Wi-Fi.

As it turns out – it can make a massive difference to you and your business.

Speed: Each new version of the Wi-Fi standards increases the speed significantly, allowing you to get more performance out of your network.

Security: In an age of digital threats, having up-to-date and secure wireless is crucial. Maintaining old networking hardware could leave you open to threats.

Reliability: Older wireless hardware is prone to compaitibility glitches with newer devices, and coverage often decreases with age.

Tailored Networking Solutions

Tailored Networking Solutions

JV Systems offer an extremely wide range of competitively priced networking products, designed with security and cloud management front of mind.

Our cloud management tools allow for end-to-end control and monitoring of your network.

Access Points

From long-range access points designed for outdoor use to in-wall access points with inobstrusive design, we have options to suit your needs.

Advanced Solutions

From complex point-to-point solutions involving multiple buildings, to advanced microwave backhaul solutions for entire communities – JV Systems have designed Wi-Fi solutions of all sizes.

No matter your requirements, we have you covered.

Our Solutions

JV Systems offer a wide-range of wireless solutions, working with customers to determine the best solution for their specific needs.

  • Point-to-point wireless solutions – for connecting between buildings with line-of-sight, allowing people in different offices to stay connected.
  • Wireless access points – we are proficient with access points and routers from a wide range of vendors – including Grandstream, Unifi, Ruckus and more.
  • Wireless mesh – in cases where fully cabled solutions are not feasible, we offer a range of wireless mesh solutions.
In addition to our experience with wireless, we also provide a range of solutions for other networking needs (firewalls, etc.). Get an end-to-end solution for your network with JV Systems.
Network switch

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