Why IT Matters: Microsoft 365

Why IT Matters: Microsoft 365 Learn more about Microsoft 365 – what it is, and why you should consider it for your business. Microsoft 365 – The Next Generation of communication Are you still using a Gmail, Xtra or Yahoo email address for your business? Scared of the pain of shifting to another mail provider, […]

Why IT Matters: Wi-Fi 6

Network router

Why IT Matters: Wi-Fi 6 Learn about the newest Wi-Fi standards, and why having a good wireless solution is crucial for your business. Why should you care what wi-fi you use? After all, what difference does the version of Wi-Fi make? It’s still only Wi-Fi. As it turns out – it can make a massive […]

VoIP Phone Systems – An Easy Guide


VoIP Phone Systems – an easy guide Explore the advantages of a modern phone system with this guide VoIP vs. Analogue If you’ve been in business for awhile, you’ve probably worked with phone systems before. At a minimum, you will have used an analogue cordless setup. Modern VoIP phone systems have several advantage over older […]

Christmas Hours 2023 – Happy Holidays!

JV Systems Holiday Hours – 2023 Hi all, We are pleased to report our Christmas holidays hours for 2023. Our offices will be closed from 5PM on the 21st of December 2023 through to the 8th of January 2024. Rest assured, our team will be available by phone for urgent callouts and holiday IT support […]